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Product selection, storage and maintenance of walking tractors

When purchasing hand-held tractor products, the first thing to check is the quality of the product, including the quality of the paint on the cover and the manufacturing quality of each machine. The paint surface is bright and even, with or without leakage, peeling, peeling and growth. Problems such as rust, and whether the external parts are intact and in normal use. The welded part should also be inspected to see if the weld is stable and firm, with or without cracks. Secondly, it is to check whether the instruments and lamps are complete and effective and can be used normally. In addition, it is necessary to check each operating mechanism, whether there is a problem such as a card collision, and if necessary, it can also be checked by operation.


Storage and maintenance of walking tractors

(1) The storage location or storage place of the 12-horsepower walking tractor is better to choose indoors, but there is no corrosive substance or gas, so as to prevent the hand-held tractor from rusting and affecting the use. If it can only be stored in the open air, you should choose a high-lying, dry and ventilated place, and cover it with plastic cloth and other coverings to prevent it from being exposed to rain and rust.


(2) When storing the walking tractor, use wooden piers or masonry to cushion it to reduce the tire load. If it is not padded, the tires will increase at most, usually 10%-20%. Always check the tires for any abnormalities or problems.


(3) Before storing the 12-horsepower walking tractor, thoroughly clean and clean it, and clean the oil. For important parts of the vehicle, lubrication and maintenance work should be carried out to ensure the service life.

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