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Power size and working conditions of the walking tractor rotary cultivator set

The walking tractor rotary cultivator set can be divided into three levels of 2.2 kW, 2.2 to 4.5 kW, and 5 to 13 kW according to its power. The hand-held tractor supporting rotary tiller is divided into driving type, traction type and driving traction type according to the working performance. The driving type is mainly used for rotary tiller operation, so it is also called dynamic tillage machine; the traction type is mainly used for traction type agricultural implements.

walking tractor rotary cultivator set can also be equipped with traction agricultural tools or with trailers for transportation. In use, it can be divided into crawler type, tillage type, wheel type and wheel type walking tractor according to the walking device. The number of wheels is divided into two types: single wheel and double wheel.

In order to improve the working conditions of the driver, twalking tractor rotary cultivator set has one or two support wheels added to the Chinese-made walking tractor and is equipped with a seat to become a riding tractor. The tilling type walking tractor is also called a wheelless tractor. A walking tractor is characterized by the fact that there is no driving wheel, but a rotary tilling component is mounted on the drive shaft to both soil the soil and move forward. Mechanical structure walking tractors generally consist of a frame, a power unit, a power train, a traveling device, a steering system, a brake, and an operating mechanism.


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