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Potato harvester maintenance, storage and parameter adjustment

Potato harvester is used with 15-24 HP small-size 4-wheel tractors. It is used to harvest and pile potatoes, sweet potatoes and other underground potato. The harvest rate is greater than 99%, and the breakage rate is less than 1%.


While using the potato harvester, the working depth can be adjusted; the entire productivity is about 0.13-0.2ha/hour. To assemble and adjust the potato harvester, the suspension arm pin of the machine should be inserted into the hole of the suspension arm of the tractor, lock the pin. The suspension arm of the machine should be connected to the central rod of the tractor. The depth of the machine can be adjusted by rotating the central rod. The gearbox is fixed to the output shaft of the tractor. Machinery transmission and the gearbox connected by levers.


Potato harvester maintenance and storage

  1. After each use, the soil on all parts should be removed.

  2. Check fastener of each part,fasten the loose one in time.

  3. Check whether the rotational parts are flexible enough,if find abnormal, adjust them in time.

  4. When not in use for a long time, avoid the rain and contact with acid to prevent corrosion. Blade should be treated with oil.


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