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Performance and function of the Tractor Trailer

So-called Walking Tractor Trailer mainly refers to the farm vehicles which used to transport material and tracked by the Walking Tractor. Tis product is widely adopted in rural areas of China as a way of mechanized transport. Usually, small walking tractors with trailers are used for short or field transportation in rural areas to meet the needs of small-scale agricultural work.


And the tractor trailers with large and medium wheeled tractors can be used in the countryside, towns and rural roads, which can make full use of the tractors. In comparison, the fuel consumption rate is similar or lower than automobile vehicle on gravel road and muddy road. On the hard road, is higher than the car.


In different application, the load capacity of Walking Tractor Trailer is different; this is to meet the requirements of different materials. The floor space and volume of the universal carriage are larger. Some compartments are divided into upper and lower layers, which can be disassembled. In addition, its structural strength and vibration reduction performance are generally designed according to the driving speed of 30km/h.

It should be noted that in order to ensure safe operation and to maximize the transport efficiency, it is necessary to make the trailer match the Walking Tractor. And the traction device should be connected securely without reducing the adhesion of the tractor driving wheel. In addition, the braking system type should be matched, and the braking performance meets the requirements of the transportation department.


In addition, the signal light configured in the tractor system, such as steering indicator, brake lights and license lamps, should be consistent, the hydraulic self-discharging system can work normally under the rated load, and the tractor’s traction performance and the tractor trailer load can fit the ground conditions.

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