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Optional requirements and operation methods for hand-held tractors

When the hand-held tractor is equipped with a single plow, it is necessary to pay attention to check the quality of its appearance, including the painting quality of the cover and the manufacturing quality of each part. The paint should be bright and uniform, and there is no leakage during use. , peeling, shedding and rusting, the external parts are intact. The surface of each casting is smooth and there must be no cracks. The welds of the welded parts should be flat and firm.

Hand-held tractors are equipped with single plough engine and engine body, engine cylinder head, high pressure oil pump and oil circuit joints, drive wheels, frame and gearbox and other important components to check whether the connecting bolts are complete and reliable. There should be no leakage of oil during operation. The second is to see if the instruments and lamps are complete and effective. You can check the oil pressure gauge or other oil pressure indicating device for pressure rise by turning on the engine pressure reducing lever and slowly shaking the engine.

The hand-held tractor supporting single-plow plough needs to effectively check the oil-sand jam phenomenon of each operating mechanism, and whether it is reliable when the operation is performed. When the handle needs to be placed in the “separation” position when the clutch is pulled, the separation should be thorough; When combined with the "position", there should be no slipping; in the "brake" position, the tire can be manually pushed in place to check whether the brake is effective and reliable.

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