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Mini hand walking tractor turning instructions

The turning principle: through the clutch of the two handrails and different from the steering wheel, when any one of the left and right clutches is disengaged, the corresponding wheel is stationary or the speed is decreased, and the speed of the other wheel is unchanged, thereby achieving the purpose of steering.


Uphill Turning: Mainly using the method of intermittently pinching the steering handle to achieve steering. When turning to the right, the right steering handle is pinched; when turning to the left, the left steering handle is pinched, and the steering wheel is used together to achieve the purpose.


Downhill steering: Generally, it is realized by reverse operation. When the slope is small, the distance is long, and the road surface is flat, the low speed downhill can be used, and the tail wheel can be fully utilized for steering; when the slope is large, the small throttle is used, but The speed should be reduced as much as possible, using steering clutches and guide wheels to achieve the goal.

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