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Mechanical and Operation Structure Features of the Two-Wheel Walking Tractor

The two-wheel walking tractor is a small category in the tractor, but it can also be subdivided according to different methods. For example, it can be divided into 2.2 kilowatts, 2.2 to 4.5 kilowatts, and 5 to 13 kilowatts depending on the size of the power. At the same time, two-wheeled walking tractors can also be divided into driving type, traction type and driving traction type according to operating performance.


Among them, the driving two-wheel walking tractor is mainly used for rotary cultivator operation; the traction type is mainly used for hauling agricultural implements; the dual-purpose model can be used in combination with a rotary cultivator, and can also be used to assist haulage tools or trailers for transportation operations. The subdivision of products has further expanded their application scope, and the value of two-wheel walking tractors is also increasing.


In order to improve the working conditions of the driver, the two-wheeled walking tractor adds 1 to 2 supporting wheels and installs the seats to become a riding tractor; the characteristic is that both the driving wheels and the rotating cultivating components are installed on the driving shafts, can till the soil and move forward at the same time.


Two-wheel walking tractors generally consist of a frame, a power plant, a drive train, a traveling device, a steering system, a brake, and an operating mechanism. Many horizontal single-cylinder diesel engines are used. The power of the engine is transmitted from the V-belt to the drive train, and the speed of the power is controlled by the clutch.


When two-wheel tractors work, the power is transmitted to the transmission through the chain transmission case, and the central transmission, final transmission, steering mechanism and brake are all installed in the transmission. Here, the gearbox is geared, and the gear positions vary randomly. The power transmitted through the gears is transmitted from the center drive and the final drive to the drive wheels on both sides. Steering mechanism uses jaw clutch or copper ball clutch.


These are the mechanical structures of the two-wheeled walking tractor, and its steering structure is mounted on the hand-held frame to control the throttle, speed change, steering, braking and power output. Power is directly output from the power output shaft or from the engine through gears.


In order to meet the needs of paddy field operations, walking devices are also provided in two-wheel walking tractors. In addition to the tires, it is equipped with a variety of iron impellers and equipped with tail wheels. The tail wheel has a transport wheel and a cultivator wheel. The former is used to support the weight to assist the steering. The latter is used to adjust the depth of the cultivator. In paddy field operations, the sledge can be replaced.

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