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Maintenance measures and cleaning requirements for two-wheel drive walking tractors

If the two-wheel drive walking tractor is not used for a long time, a series of faults and problems will occur. In order to avoid the failure when it is used again, maintenance measures are required.

1. The parking place of the two-wheel drive walking tractor is preferably placed in the warehouse, but it must not be placed together with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, so that it can avoid corrosion of the parts. For example, if it is parked outdoors, it should be selected. High-grade, dry, ventilated areas covered with plastic sheets to prevent mechanical damage and rust.

2. For the two-wheel drive walking tractor's support mechanism, the tractor needs to be padded with wooden piers or masonry to reduce the load of the tire; if it is not supported, the tire should increase the inflation by 10%~ 20%, and should be checked frequently, often inflated, not lack of gas.

3. Two-wheel drive walking tractors need to be thoroughly cleaned, effectively remove the dirt and oil on the surface of the equipment during use, and thoroughly inspect, adjust and tighten the parts and screws to prevent loosening.

4. Put the oil and water off. After the tractor is deactivated, the cooling water, diesel oil, and engine oil in the engine should be completely removed. 

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