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Maintenance and clean for 15 HP Walking tractor

If the 15 HP walking tractor sit idle for a long time, there will be a series of problems. In order to avoid the issue when using it after a long time, measures should be taken to maintain the 15 HP walking tractor.

A better place to put the 15 HP walking tractor is a storeroom, but do not put together with fertilizers and pesticides to avoid parts corrosion. If park outside, should choose the terrain, dry and ventilated place and cover with plastic mulch so as to prevent the mechanical damage and corrosion.

Prop up the 15 HP walking tractor with wood blocks or bricks, this will reduce the tire load to some extent. If not, the tire should add 10%~20% air, and check frequently, inflate often, avoid short of air.


Remove dirt and oil from the surface of the 15 HP walking tractor, check, adjust and tighten all parts and screws to avoid loosen and falling off. When stopping using the tractor, empty the cooling water, diesel oil and engine oil.

When maintaining the parts of 15 HP walking tractor, take the right amount of dewatering machine oil into the intake pipe, turn the crankshaft, making the oil adhere to the piston, piston rod, cylinder liner, and the valve. Make sure the piston is shaken to the point of compression, so that the valve spring, push rod and other parts will not loose the performance after a long time compression.

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