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Main features and main components of Walking Tractor supporting trencher

Facts have proved that the trenching of the Walking Tractor is good, and the groove can be narrowed to 10 cm and the depth is more than 1.5 meters. The ditch is straight and the wall is steep. Manual and excavators cannot open such ditch quality. Good; and the cutting inserts and chains are made of special materials and processes, and have a long service life.


Compared with manual and excavators, the Walking Tractor trencher has higher working efficiency and economic benefits. Especially in the case of narrowing deep trenches, the working effect of the machine is more prominent. The structure of the whole machine is simple and the operation is simple. It is convenient and easy to maintain.


The Walking Tractor supporting trencher is mainly composed of cylinder head gasket, piston, piston ring, connecting rod, connecting rod cover, transmission shaft, transmission chain and driving wheel. Its cylinder head gasket has oil holes, which must be aligned with the corresponding oil passage holes on the body and the cylinder head, so as to avoid the friction of the gas distribution mechanism on the cylinder head due to oil breakage.


The main bearing cap and the body bearing seat of the Walking Tractor matching trenching machine are paired boring, and should be placed according to the matching mark. Do not interchange or change the assembly direction, so as not to damage the coaxiality and dimensional accuracy of the main bearing housing hole. . The driving wheel of the Walking Tractor matching trencher is marked with an upward arrow and should be pointed to the direction of rotation of the tire when it is moving forward; if there is no marking, the driving wheel is seen from the back of the locomotive, and its "八" or "人" pattern The top should be facing up.

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