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Main equipment and fixing function of cotton farm hand tractor

Cotton farm hand tractors are a more complicated machine in use, and their types and sizes are different, but they are composed of three parts: engine, chassis and electrical equipment, each of which is indispensable.

The engine of cotton farm hand tractors mainly the main device for producing power. When it is used, its main function is to convert the thermal energy of fuel into mechanical energy and output power to the outside. Most of the agricultural tractors produced in China use diesel engines. It is the device that the tractor transmits power.

The main function of cotton farm hand tractor is to effectively transfer the power of its engine to the drive wheel and the peak making device to drive the tractor and complete the moving operation or fixing action. This function is realized by the cooperation and coordination of the transmission system, the traveling system, the steering system, the braking system and the working device, and they constitute the skeleton and the body of the tractor. Therefore, we refer to the above four systems and a large device as the chassis. That is to say, in the tractor as a whole, all other systems and devices except the engine and electrical equipment are collectively referred to as the tractor chassis.


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