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Learn to operate safely. Potato Planter

(1) familiar with all the functions of potato planter.

(2) Wear tight clothes to avoid being entangled in moving parts.

(3) Do not stand on the tractor and potato planter connection.

(4) Monitor the working condition of potato planter at the time of tractor running.

(5) The machine can only be manipulated from the driver's position.

(6) Prevent the hands, feet and clothes from touching the rotating parts.

(7) Do not allow children to operate the machine, the operation of all bystanders away from the machine.

(8) Raise or transport potato planting machine, careful wire, tree, etc., transport speed can not exceed 32-kilometer, driving on the road should use flashing warning lights and turn signal, pay attention to transport size, especially when the width of the planter is larger than the tractor

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