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Installation, commissioning and maintenance of walking tractor potato harvester

Walking tractor potato harvesters are mainly used for the harvesting, stacking and other processes of underground potatoes such as potatoes and sweet potatoes. During the installation and commissioning process, the lower hanging pin shaft of the implement needs to be inserted into the hanging arm hole of the walking machine, and the pin lock is pinned. The upper arm of the machine is linked with the central rod of the tractor. The center rod can be rotated to adjust the depth of the machine. The gearbox is fixed to the output shaft of the tractor, and the gearbox and the split gearbox are connected by a crank arm.

After each shift is completed, the soil of each part of the tractor harvester should be removed in time. At the same time, the fasteners of each part should be inspected and tightened if loose. Check whether the rotating parts are flexible or not. It should be adjusted and eliminated in time; when it is not used for a long time, the machine should pay attention to prevent rain and avoid contact with acidic substances to avoid corrosion.

For small trenchers with hand tractors, regular inspections are very important. It is also necessary to periodically change the oil from parts of the small trencher of the tractor. Note that special accessories for small trenchers for hand-pushing tractors should be used and should not be mixed. 

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