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Installation and Technical Requirements of Walking Tractor Potato Harvester

The walking tractor potato harvester is a special machine for harvesting potatoes. In the actual operation, the machine is used in conjunction with a walking tractor and is mainly used for the harvesting of potatoes and other underground potatoes and piles. The net-recovery rate is greater than 99% and the skin-breakage rate is less than 1%. In general, the productivity of the walking tractor potato harvester can reach 2 to 3 acres per hour.


Installation Instructions for Walking Tractor Potato Harvester:

When installing and debugging, it is necessary to first insert the wall of the lower suspension wall of the implement into the hole of the suspension arm of the hand-held machine to pin the pin. After that, the upper arm of the implement is linked with the central pull rod of the tractor, and the depth of the implement can be adjusted by rotating the central pull rod, and the split gearbox is fixed on the output shaft of the tractor. The implement gearbox and the split gear box are connected by a crank arm.


Technical maintenance and storage requirements for walking tractor potato harvesters:

First of all, before and after each use, the equipment needs to be inspected to ensure cleanliness;

Secondly, it is recommended to check the fasteners at various locations before the operation. If loosening is found, tighten them in time. Thirdly, check whether the rotating parts of the harvester can be operated flexibly. If abnormalities are found, Timely adjustment and resolution;

Fourth, if you do not use the walking tractor potato harvester for a long time, you should pay attention to proper storage, avoid rain, and even not contact with acidic substances, so as to avoid corrosion. And the blade should be oiled.


In short, with the advancement of the times, various types of agricultural machinery have also developed rapidly. The promotion of the use of hand-held tractors and potato harvesters has also effectively reduced the labor burden for the majority of users and greatly increased the efficiency of labor and better economic returns.


Not only that, but also the performance and function of the walking tractor potato harvester are constantly being developed and improved. In the future, more precise and accurate work results will be achieved. Giving full play to the role of walking tractor potato harvesters will help achieve common progress in economy, technology and agriculture.

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