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How to store the walking tractor?

The use of the walking tractor is seasonal, which is why there is a very long period of storage. However, because the walking tractor is a kind of mechanical equipment after all, even if it is not used for a long time, there are many aspects that need to be paid attention to when it is stored.


When the walking tractor is in storage, you must pay attention to the parking place, it is best in the warehouse, but can’t parked together with fertilizers and pesticides to avoid corrosion; if is parked outside, should choose high ground, dry and ventilated place, cover with plastic cloth or other covers, to prevent mechanical damage and rusting.


The storage of the walking tractor, the tractor should be lifted via using wooden piers or masonry, can reduce the tire load; if unsupported, the tyre should be inflated by 10% ~ 20% more, which should be checked and inflated regularly.


The storage of the walking tractor, the tractor should be cleaned thoroughly. Remove dirt and oil from the surface, inspect, adjust and tighten all parts and screws, so as to avoid loosening and shedding. Discharge the oil and water, and as well as the cooling water, diesel, oil and other oil in the engine.


The storage of the walking tractor: should pay attention to the maintenance of the mechanical parts. The specific approach is to take suitable amount of dewatering machine oil( oil that been heated to 130 or so) to pour into the inlet pipe, the rotate the crankshaft, making the oil adhesion on the piston, piston rod, cylinder liner, and the valve. At this time, the piston should be rolled to the point of compression, so that the valve spring, push rod and other parts will not be compressed of a long time an lose their performance.

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