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How to overhaul multifunctional walking tractor

When overhauling a multi-function walking tractor, it is first necessary to pay attention to the preparation work, mainly referring to checking the wearing parts and purchasing the corresponding spare parts. For the cooling system of the multifunctional walking tractor, the temperature of the water tank can be observed in advance. If it is found to be high, there may be problems such as scale or pipe blocking, water leakage of the upper and lower water pipe clamps, and the like.


During the trial operation, the oil of the multifunctional walking tractor should be put on the net first, and the coarse oil filter and the fine filter should be cleaned to replace the filter element to ensure the lubrication quality. After that, add oil to the marking line near the dipstick. At this time, the tractor should be placed horizontally. Then slowly turn the diesel engine start shaft until the oil gauge shows the specified pressure. After two minutes of operation, check the dipstick again after stopping for five minutes.


In the process of inspecting the air supply system of the multifunctional walking tractor, the air filter must be cleaned periodically to ensure that the connection is sealed, the phase of the valve is adjusted, the quality of the valve is sealed, and the valve is ground. Check the cylinder, piston, piston ring wear size, determine whether to replace. When refueling the fuel supply system, be sure to add more than 24 hours of fuel. At the same time pay attention to the cleanliness of refuelling drums and appliances.


In addition, the transmission system and steering mechanism of the multifunctional walking tractor also need to be regularly checked and maintained. In particular, clutches should always be kept clean and free from oil. Clutch release bearings are lubricated with grease. The distance between the release bearing and the release lever is the clutch clearance. The value of the clearance differs depending on the model. It is generally required that the steering mechanism handle is not less than 5 mm when it is cut away from its gripping distance, and it is reliable to loosen the steering handle to engage the steering clutch.


In addition, the brake system of the multifunctional walking tractor should remain sensitive and reliable. In daily use, avoid oil on the friction plate to prevent slippery brake from malfunctioning. It is recommended to use gasoline to clean the oil on the friction plate. Check and adjust the free travel on the brake pedal at any time. Note that the brake pedal stroke is consistent around to avoid the situation where the multi-function walking tractor is deflected during emergency braking.

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