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How to make potato harvester more efficient and energy-efficient?

Potato harvester is commonly used agricultural machinery, which can improve work efficiency. To improve the efficiency of the potato harvester, it is not only necessary to start with the technology. It is also a good way to maintain the potato harvester in time. Of course, on an efficient basis, we must also think of ways to achieve energy-saving goals.


In order to be able to work efficiently, after the potato harvester is finished, it is necessary to clean up the soil on its components in a timely manner to avoid rust, and then turn the boot cover over to carefully remove the weeds entangled on each component. And check the wear condition of the belt of the equipment. If the wear is serious, replace the new belt in time. And a week after the potato harvester is used, it is necessary to add grease to the joints, bearings, etc., and to check and supplement other smooth spots in a timely manner.


At the same time, after the potato harvester has stopped working, it must carry out all-round inspections and corrections. If abnormal conditions are found, the machine should be stopped and handled in time, and properly stored to prepare for the next normal operation.


In order to make the potato harvester more fuel efficient, on the one hand, it is required that it cannot be overloaded because exceeding the rated load will increase the power of the equipment and cause the waste of oil. It is better to have a plan for the terrain and work route before harvesting with potato harvesters. This will reduce the idling of the potato harvester and reduce the fuel consumption of the machine.


On the other hand, it is necessary to control the temperature of the potato harvester engine. If the temperature is too high, it will increase the amount of oil used and increase the cost of using the potato harvester. If the oil temperature is too high, it is best not to use cold water to assist in cooling. Natural cooling is the best. The way. Also, the oil supply system should be regularly cleaned and maintained, and the use of oil with less impurities should be purchased. Excessive impurities will clog the small parts of the oil supply system, thereby increasing the loss of the oil.


It is also important that it is important to pay attention to the maintenance and the maintenance of the potato harvester. After the potato harvester is used for a period of time, it is necessary to regularly clean the dust and dirt inside the machine. Regularly inspect the various parts of the equipment. In the process of long-term running, some parts will have poor contact, and parts will be deformed and sealed. Such small problems should be corrected timely.

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