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How to maintain the Dongfeng type walking tractor (power tiller)?

It is well known that Dongfeng type walking tractor has excellent performance and is more and more widely used. However, during the period of use, proper maintenance is still needed to extend the use of the term as much as possible. In addition, the addition and subtraction of the gasket belongs to the additional repair method. If it can be properly applied in the maintenance of the dongfeng type walking tractor, it will achieve the effect of half the effort.


So, do you know how it works? Let's talk about that and hopefully help you. First of all, we will learn about the addition and subtraction of gaskets on diesel engines. In Dongfeng type walking tractor, high pressure oil pump is an important part. The adjustment of the diesel oil supply time of the high pressure oil pump using single plunger pump is realized by adding and subtracting gaskets

As a user, it is important to observe the state of work during the use of the Dongfeng waling tractor. If there is any abnormal problem during use, please ask the professional for maintenance in time. In addition, keep clean during daily use, and be well lubricated.


Considering the actual operating situation, manufacturers when producing Dongfeng type waling tractor also will be particularly add one or two seats support roller and install, thus become a rideable tractor. The widely used tilling tractors can also be referred to as the no-wheeled hand tractor, because it does not contain the driving wheel, but it is equipped with rotary tilling parts on the drive shaft.


This type of structure of the Dongfeng type walking tractor can not only farm the land, but also walk forward. Usually, the mechanical structure of Dongfeng type walking tractor is mainly composed of frame, power device, transmission system, walking device, steering system, brake and control mechanism.


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