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How to choose a walking tractor that can meet the requirements of deep loose work?

The deep-neutral operation is a task where the traction and power requirements of the hand-held tractor are relatively high. Many users cannot determine the size of the tractor that is required for deep working at the time of purchasing the equipment. In fact, this should be selected from the following three aspects: the depth of cultivation, the completion of other related operations and the width of work.


During the operation of the tractor, the depth of the tiller is determined by the specific location of the soil's tie layer or the plow's bottom layer. Once the plough depth is determined, the traction force of each deep loose bar tooth of the walking tractor is determined.


Different related work procedures completed at the same time as the deep loosening operation of the walking tractor, and different work procedure requirements, determine the structure of different deep loose machines. If you only deepen and break the tie layer, you only need to use the deepest structure with the simplest structure.


In order to reduce the number of walking on the tractor and reduce the compaction and destruction of the soil, it is necessary to deepen the joint-site preparation machine and complete a number of operations such as stubble mixing, deep loosening, combined hoeing, smashing and leveling. And the more work processes, the greater the tractor's traction, and the greater the power.


In addition, the larger the work width, the greater the traction and power required to move the tractor. In short, the size of a tractor is determined by the specific structure and size of the subsoil. The working width of the deep loose or deep loose joint preparation machine is greater than the width of the outer edge of the hand-held tractor wheel. This is to ensure that when the tractor is reciprocating, the wheels do not press the cultivated land to avoid secondary compaction and destruction of the soil.

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