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How to choose a GN (Sifang) Type Walking Tractor

When choosing GN (Sifang) Type Walking Tractor, four aspects should be checked. First is appearance quality inspection, followed by the operation mechanism inspection, then the starting operation inspection, and finally the inspection of attached items.


Firstly, when inspecting the appearance quality of the GN (Sifang) Type Walking Tractor, need to pay attention to the coating quality and the manufacturing quality of the parts. Generally, the paint of the quality equipment should be bright and even, without out leak spray, peeling and rust, and external parts are intact. Generally speaking, the safety protection of the walking tractor relate to driver and other people’s safety. So it is recommended that users choose the models with complete safety protection devices.


Secondly, we should also check the operation mechanism of the GN (Sifang) Type Walking Tractor. It should be noted that when doing the inspection, make sure that the operation mechanism is not jammed and the operation is effective and reliable. Moreover, when the clutch handle is placed in the “separation” position, the separation is complete; in the “connection” position, no skidding. In addition, in the “braking” position, we can push the wheel to check if the brake effective and reliable.


The next step is to check the starting operation of the GN (Sifang) Type Walking Tractor. Before starting the walking tractor, it is necessary to check the engine oil, gear lubrication oil and whether there is fuel and cooling water. When everything is checked OK, can start the engine and check if it is easy to start. When the engine starts to work stably, check the smoke color from the exhaust pipe.


At last, don’t forget to check the attached item of the GN (Sifang) Type Walking Tractor. After we have selected the equipment, we also need to count the relevant technical documents and attached items against the packing list to verify the conformity of the certificate with the number the walking tractor.

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