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How can we make farm tractors more durable?

Farmers hope that the newly purchased agricultural tractors will have a longer service life, but this is inseparable from the operator's usual operating specifications and daily maintenance. Newly purchased farm tractors must be worn out before use, otherwise it will shorten the life of the tractor.


In order to extend the service life of agricultural tractors, its components should be used in strict accordance with the manufacturer's recommended oils and solutions. Do not increase the speed of the engine only by controlling the throttle; at the same time, always check the bolts, nuts, and other loose parts at each connection.


Secondly, when maintaining the electric system of the farm tractor, the battery ground wire must be removed to prevent the electrical parts from being burned. When using it to pull a trailer, it must be used with a tow hook instead of a three-point suspension to avoid adverse effects on farm tractors.


When the farm tractor is driving a tractor with a farm implement, the position control handle should be placed in a raised position to prevent the accidental fall of agricultural implements. Lock the implement and prevent the lifter handle from being touched. For the adjustment of the two tires, experienced person must use special tools, which is to avoid serious accidents caused by improper installation of the tires.


When the power of the farm tractor's engine is in operation, do not twist the water tank cover. Do not unscrew the water tank cover until the engine has stopped and cooled. During the use of the tractor, due to a variety of adverse factors, the ability of parts and components will gradually reduce or disappear, and fuel, lubricant, coolant and other substances will be gradually consumed, and the technical status of the whole machine will deteriorate. Therefore, we must promptly adopt methods such as cleaning, fastening, adjustment, replacement, and addition to maintain the farm tractors in order to maintain the normal working conditions of the tractors.


Only when the normal operations are normalized and the maintenance of the equipment is scientific and reasonable, it is possible for the agricultural tractor to exert its due effect and its service life may be extended accordingly, so that the users can benefit more.

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