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Hand tractor selection

In order to give full play to the superior performance of the tractor, it is necessary to select the right type. Then, when selecting a walking tractor, what needs to be analyzed and considered? In fact, during the purchase process, we should first pay attention to the appearance quality of the inspection equipment, including the painting quality of the covering parts and the manufacturing quality of the various parts.


Under normal circumstances, the quality of the appearance of a qualified walking tractor should meet the following requirements: 1. The paint should be bright and uniform, with no leakage, peeling, peeling and rusting; 2. The external parts should be intact; 3. Each surface of the casting is smooth and there must be no cracks. Welds in the welding area must be flat and firm. In addition, regarding the engine, the engine, the engine cylinder head, the high-pressure oil pump and the oil line connector, the driving wheel, the frame and the transmission, and other important components, it is necessary to check whether the connecting bolt is complete and reliable and cannot have severe leakage oil.


Secondly, it is necessary to check whether the various instruments and lamps configured in the walking tractor are intact and effective. During the inspection, you can use the engine decompression lever to open and gently rock the engine to see if the oil pressure gauge or other oil pressure indicator device has a pressure increase. At the same time, we must also pay attention to checking whether each operating mechanism can operate normally and whether the operation is sensitive and reliable.


In this process, special attention should be paid to checking the braking effect of the walking tractor. In the "braking" position, the tire can be manually pushed in place to check that the brake is effective and reliable. During the start-up operation inspection of the engine, check the engine oil, gear oil level, and fuel and cooling water before starting.


In addition, attention must be paid to checking the safety protection device of the walking tractor. It is advisable that the user chooses the model with a complete safety protection device. It is usually required that the walking tractor has corresponding safety protection devices for the starting pawl, the power output shaft, the driving wheel, the flywheel, the transmission belt, the exhaust pipe and the like, so as to ensure that the user can use it with confidence.

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