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Hand-held tractor trailers, correctly selected and used

When purchasing a walk-behind tractor trailer, you should first choose a high-quality brand-name product. Since the weight is important, the trailer weight/self-weight should be greater than 2. Secondly, the body should be correct, and there must be a driving sign and lighting facilities.


When the walk-behind tractor trailer is run-in, the load capacity does not exceed 80% of the limit, and attention should be paid to the tightening degree of the fasteners such as the steel plate spring and the wheel, and the fastening is performed once every 30 to 50 km, and after tightening three times. .


Secondly, the walk-behind tractor should be stable, with steel plate spring-loaded shock absorbing equipment; the brake should be firm, and the no-load test can be carried out when selecting; the axle bearing should be elastic; the generalization degree of the main parts such as bearings, brakes and wheels should be High, the main parameters should meet the requirements of the specification.


When the walk-behind tractor trailer is rotated 90°, it should not interfere with the tractor; at full load, the drawbar should be kept parallel to the ground and slightly higher in front. The walk-behind tractor is suitable for medium and short-distance transportation of goods and fieldwork.

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