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Hand-held tractor storage occasions and cleaning maintenance requirements

After the busy season, the walking tractor may be idle for a long time, in order to avoid failure when using again, pay attention to maintenance measures. First of all, try to put the walking tractor in the warehouse, but do not put it together with chemical fertilizers and pesticides to prevent it from corroding the machine parts; if parked outdoors, choose a high-level, dry and ventilated place, and cover it with a covering such as plastic cloth to prevent mechanical damage and rust.


The hand-held tractor is padded with wooden piers or masonry to reduce the load on the tires; and it should be inspected frequently, often inflated, and not trapped. At the same time, it is necessary to remove the dirt and oil on the exterior of the walking tractor, and thoroughly inspect, adjust and tighten the parts and screws to avoid loosening.

After the walking tractor is deactivated, the cooling water, diesel oil and engine oil in the engine should be completely removed; and an appropriate amount of dewatering machine oil should be poured into the intake pipe to rotate the crankshaft so that the oil adheres to the piston, the piston rod and the cylinder liner. Shake the piston to the compression top dead center to prevent the valve spring, push rod and other parts from being pressed for a long time and lose their performance.


Then clean the injector of the walking tractor and put it into clean diesel. Loosen the adjusting screw and block the injector chamber with a cork. Apply the dehydration oil to the fastening parts such as the rocker arm, high-pressure oil pipe, fuel injection, bolts and nuts to prevent rust. According to the overall lubrication requirements of the tractor, select the lubricating oil that meets the standard for full lubrication.


In addition, the air filter, exhaust pipe, water tank mouth, fuel tank port, etc. of the tractor engine are easy to be put into the dust, and the plastic cloth or oil paper is bundled firmly to prevent entry of debris and dust.

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