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Gear drive and installation requirements for agricultural walking tractor

Agricultural walking tractor mainly use horizontal single cylinder diesel engine, the engine power of the equipment is mainly from the triangle belt to transmission system. When in use, the rotated speed is controlled by clutch. The power is transmitted through the chain drive box to the gearbox. Central drive, final drive, steering gear and brake are installed in the gearbox.

Agricultural walking tractor gearbox is mainly adopts gear drive. The entire device will vary with models of variable speed gear. Generally can be divided into 6+2 gears (six forward, two reverse), at least 3+1, the most up to 12+6. After the transmission, the central drive and the final drive are transmitted to both sides of the drive wheel. The steering mechanism uses a jaw clutch or a copper ball clutch.

The control mechanism of the agricultural walking tractor is mainly installed on the handstand. During the operation, it is mainly used to control the throttle, speed change, steering, braking and power output. The power is driven by the power output shaft or by the engine direct output.

Agricultural walking tractor’s walking equipment is suitable for working in the paddy field. Besides the tire, there are various iron impeller, and tail wheel. The tail wheel has two kinds, they are transportation wheel and tilling wheel, the former is used to support the weight and help the steering; the latter is used to regulate the depth of the plough. When working in a paddy field, use a skid. The walking tractor has light weight, compact model, flexible operation and strong adaptability.

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