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Features and operation requirements of agricultural Rotary Cultivator

When designing the Agricultural Rotary Cultivator, it is based on the practical application, for example, the specific situation of the application area and the requirement. The Agricultural Rotary Cultivator is suitable for sandy land, loose soil and weeding, and it is widely used in the fields, furrowing, ridging, plastic greenhouse, tobacco, nursery, garden management, tea planting etc.

As a whole, the Agricultural Rotary Cultivator has good performance, small structure, light weight and flexible. Besides, it is convenient and easy to maintain, low fuel consumption and high production efficiency. This product can be used to loosen the hard soil under the fruit tree for fertilization. Using this product can quickly and easily finish the work, replacing the tired and heavy traditional farming methods.


Based on the above content, using Agricultural Rotary Cultivator can effectively reduce the labor, which has brought great help to agricultural production. However, it is also necessary to master the correct operation skills. For example, in the initial stage of the operation, it needs to be lifted and then combined with the power output, the spindle speed can be increased to the rated speed. Then slowly lower it to the appropriate position until the blade gradually reaches the desired depth. Bear in mind that can’t be done in the other way or quickly lower the cultivator. Otherwise, the blade will be bent or break and increase the load of the tractor. While in operation, the tractor should be driven as slow as possible, so as to ensure the quality of the work, making the soil fine, and reducing the wear of the machine.


In addition to these requirements, after each use, the Agricultural Rotary Cultivator needs to be maintained. It is mainly to clear the soil and weed on the blade, check the condition of each connection, and lubricating oil to lubrication position.

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