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Features and inspection requirements of 12 HP Walking Tractor

12 HP walking tractor has the features of small in size, light weight, good reliability, easy to start, low fuel consumption, easy to operate and maintain, and widely used. It is widely used as the mechanical power in walking tractor, agricultural tricycle, water pumps, generators, small vessels, crusher, and small construction machinery. It can also be used with rotary tiller and micro-cultivator.

12 HP walking tractor is all-purpose tractor with traction and drive. The entire structure is compact and durable, reliable. While in use, it is very flexible and has good mobility, and it can also be equipped with a seat. 12 HP walking tractor is more powerful, more efficient. It is suitable for farming in dry field, orchards, gardens and hills.

When equipped with appropriate tools and attachments, the 12 HP walking tractor can be used for plowing, turning, furrowing, seeding, transporting, and other purpose. It can also be used as the driving force of fixed operations such as drainage, sprinkling, threshing, milling, feed processing and so on. This machine is suitable for working in mountainous and hilly region. When attached with agricultural tools, this machine can be used to do tillage, rotary, harvesting, seeding, roughing, pumping and other work. It can drag trailer for short-distance transport, and can be equipped with lights to travel at night.


The 12 HP walking tractor need to be effectively checked before starting, so that can eliminate the hidden trouble to prevent accident. The diesel engine and chassis should be checked for oil, water or gas leakage. Check the cooling water of diesel engine is enough. Check the oil level and quality of oil sump and lubricating oil. Check the oil level of gearbox gear oil. Screw the inspection screw on the box. The gear oil should overflow from the screw hole. Refill when it is not enough. Check the tension of the triangle belt. If the belt is too loose, it should be adjusted. Check the tire pressure. Inflate it when the pressure is too low.

The clutch brake handle of the 12 HP walking tractor is pulled to the left position. Put the shift lever in neutral position. Turn the throttle lever to the starting position. Open the pressure handle with the left hand, hold the starting handle in the right hand and shake the crankshaft of the diesel engine. Gradually accelerate the speed, the left hand quickly release the pressure handle, the right hand continues to accelerate the shaking until the diesel engine starts. After the diesel engine starts, check whether the oil pressure indicator valve is raised. Listen to the engine running. Observe gas exhaust. Make sure everything is in order, let the diesel engine run for a while, and let the water temperature rise to 40 to 60 degrees.

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