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Farming efficiency and use characteristics of crawler rotary cultivator

The crawler rotary cultivator has a reinforced design structure to a certain extent, with a forward rake angle of 30° and a rear rake angle of 45°. The performance of climbing and retreating during use is greatly enhanced. The optimized undercarriage design of thecrawler rotary cultivator improves the strength of the undercarriage and heightens the crawler undercarriage, which is 200mm higher than the harvester's crawler chassis, which increases the resistance of the implement and makes the implement can walk freely in the deep mud foot paddy field.

The cutter used in the crawler rotary cultivator is a special rotary tiller for paddy field. The cutter has the characteristics of low power consumption and good cutting effect, and also adopts an anti-graining device. The device has the function of preventing entanglement and reduces the power. Consumption increases the efficiency of farming. The device enables the one-time cultivation to achieve the effect of the traditional mechanical cultivation twice, not only improves the efficiency, but also improves the flatness of the field, reduces the functional strength, and saves the cultivation cost.

The innovative point of the crawler rotary cultivator makes the machine have a variety of cutting speed ratios. When the dry land is cultivated, the high cutting speed ratio can be adopted, so that the yield of the field can reach 80%, which is much higher than the national standard 60. %, and the use of low cutting speed ratio in paddy field cultivation not only improves the farming speed, but also makes the field meet the planting requirements. 

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