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Ensure the two-wheel waling tractors to complete the spring production task efficiency, safety and high-qualitily

In order to ensure the smooth implementation and completion of the spring plowing, the two-wheel walking tractor as the main farming equipment should do a comprehensive inspection before traveling so that all factors that are not conducive to the operation of the equipment can be eliminated and the effectiveness thereof can be fully exerted.


Before the farmland operation, the farmer should seriously carry out a comprehensive inspection of the two-wheel walking tractor and agricultural implements. Through maintenance and repairs, with good technical conditions, it is put into spring plowing to achieve high-efficiency, high-quality, low-consumption, and safe results, while extending the service life of equipment.


Two-wheel walking tractors are finished in the field. When the land is transferred, it should be passed slowly. In the event of a high field ridge or wide and deep water channel, it is necessary to dig low in advance and confirm safety before passing, in order to prevent damage to farm machinery. When turning around in a field operation, you should also slow down.


When using a two-wheel tractor to rotate the field in the field, care should be taken to ensure safety. If a tail-wheel pedal is used to assist the steering, the steering angle should not be too large to prevent the farmer's foot from colliding with the rotary ploughshare and being injured. If a tractor is caught in a two-wheel walking tractor, the farmer should use shovels to dig out the mud under the wheels, pad the grass, and then go down.


If the coulter shaft of the two-wheel walking tractor is entangled with debris in the field, pay attention to safety. The farm hand should turn off the tractor in time, and then use a special tool to remove the sundries to prevent the occurrence of agricultural accidents. Safe production is everyone's responsibility.


Keeping these precautions in mind, we can ensure that the two-wheeled walking tractor can ensure safety throughout the spring plowing process, enabling field farming operations to be completed efficiently and reducing the labor intensity of the farmers; at the same time, the probability of failure of two-wheel walking tractors can be greatly reduced.

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