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Do you know the advantage of the Crawler Rotary Cultivator?

The Crawler Rotary Cultivator is a new type of cultivator, which has achieved good application results. The product adopts the design concept of rubber crawler, so it can ensure the stability of the cultivation, the trafficability and reliability on the wetland. Because of this, the Crawler Rotary Cultivator has excellent promotion value.

According to the practical application, the performance of the Crawler Rotary Cultivator is very outstanding. First of all, this product can effectively protect farmland soil ecology from destruction. At present, large rotary tractors are mostly driven by wheeled tractors. Due to the high pressure of the tractor’s rubber wheel, when working in the paddy field, there will be two deep trenches. Those two deep trenches through the mud of the ploughing layer, go under the raw mud layer.

In this way, every farming work will make more mud layer. While the Crawler Rotary Cultivator driving with crawler, which reduce the pressure on mud, thus to have protective effect of paddy field. This is also one of the unique advantages of this product.


In addition, for the southern paddy filed, especially the deep mud cultivation requirement, the Crawler Rotary Cultivator’s performance and advantage are quite obvious. Plus with the feature of “one-machine multi-purpose”, the Crawler Rotary Cultivator is also has a great advantage in the cultivation of dry land in the north.


That is to say, in the practical application, the user can complete the rotary tillage, ditching, ridging, sowing, and fertilizing work with the Crawler Rotary Cultivator, greatly save the operation time, increase the effectiveness of the farming. Moreover, the high vation quality of the Crawler Rotary Cultivator can meet the requirement from different regions.

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