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Development trend of tractors

In terms of the production and use of tractors, the main trend of the development of tractors is:

1, the average power is increasing. No matter agricultural tractors or industrial tractors, in order to improve the productivity of single machine, the average power continues to increase, but the rate of growth has been decreasing. North America and the Soviet Union are less than the people, large scale agricultural production, most of the use of large agricultural machinery, and equipped with the corresponding high-power tractors. In the general developing countries, small and medium power tractors are still dominated, but the average power is increasing.

2. In agricultural tractors, wheeled tractors have an absolute advantage. Tractors have not been used in agricultural production in many countries. In the Soviet Union, Italy and Chinese, there are still some crawler tractors in use, but the proportion is on the decline. In industrial tractors, especially bulldozers, excavators and other models, the caterpillar type still occupies an absolute advantage. With the increase of the power of the tractor, the four wheel drive tractor has been developed rapidly. The application of hydraulic steering device can solve the steering difficulty of this type of machine. Articulated steering can greatly reduce the steering radius, which promotes the development of high-power four wheel drive tractor. In order to improve the traction and adhesion performance and passing capacity in the paddy field, the four wheel drive variant of small and medium wheeled tractors has also developed rapidly in Japan and other countries.

3. More and more attention has been paid to the safety, maneuverability and comfort of the working environment of the tractor. The design and manufacture of good cab and various instruments can not only improve the working conditions of the driver, ensure the safety, but also improve the productivity and quality of work.

4, the serialization, generalization and standardization of tractors and their components are important measures to facilitate production and use, reduce manufacturing costs and simplify parts supply. In order to meet various needs of tractor market with fewer basic tractors, European and American tractor companies produce one or more products. In the Soviet Union and other countries, there is a national unified series of tractors spectrum, which is used to guide the development of the products of the production plants. The basic models of tractor development has two or more than two power levels, some organic links and the corresponding variant, a series of products, can make the product between the parts with the highest degree of generalization, thereby increasing the common parts of the production batch; or can produce similar parts in the process with a line in the same assembly line of similar parts and adjacent levels of tractor. This is very beneficial to making full use of production capacity and reducing production costs.

5. The application of hydraulic technology in tractors is becoming more and more extensive. In modern tractors, especially for large tractors, almost all main parts are operated by hydraulic devices, such as clutch, gearbox power shift, differential lock, brake and steering mechanism. In some tractors, the adjustment of the seat, the opening and closing of the glass window are also used by the hydraulic device. The electronic hydraulic control suspension system has been used on some tractors. Due to the convenience of the control switch layout, the hydraulic pipeline can be shortened correspondingly, and it will get more applications in large tractors.

6. The long term random alternating load of some components of a tractor will cause fatigue damage and affect the working reliability and life of the tractor. In order to further improve the quality of products, large tractor companies have invested more money and manpower, producing parts under different conditions of load spectrum, microstructure simulation test and stress analysis, preparation of computer software based on the accumulation of a large number of experimental data, optimization design.  This can not only improve the quality of the product, but also shorten the development cycle of the new product. Advanced tractor production enterprises have applied electronic computer aided design (CAD) for product design. The research and application of optimal design have been paid more and more attention.

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