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Details of the use of 2-wheel tractor-trailers

Due to many factors, the performance of some of the parts may be reduced during the daily use of the 2-wheel tractor trailer. If the maintenance work such as inspection, adjustment, fastening, replacement, and cleaning is not performed in time, it will inevitably lead to a decrease in the service life of the matching 2-wheel tractor trailer. Therefore, the maintenance of some details in daily use must not be ignored.


First of all, we should insist on starting maintenance from new cars. After the new 2-wheel tractor trailer arrives, it is necessary to begin maintenance: 1. Check whether there is organic oil in the oil pan of the 3-stage air filter; 2. Check the fastening of bolts of various components; 3. Check the injection pressure Adjustment; 4, replace the oil in the oil pan, clean the oil pan and lubricant road. In addition, regular cleaning is required to maintain the flexibility of related components.


Secondly, during the use of a matching 2-wheel tractor trailer, a reasonable inspection and maintenance system should be established according to the conditions of use. In actual operation, do not slam the clutch during starting. It is usually required to loosen the clutch pedal slowly while properly increasing the throttle. If the clutch is lifted violently, it will cause impact on the clutch assembly and the transmission, and even damage the clutch.


Third, we must pay attention to the correct choice of supporting the work speed of two-wheel tractor trailers. For users, choosing the right working speed will not only achieve the best production efficiency, but also extend the life of the trailer. The trailer should not be overloaded and the engine should have a certain power reserve. Therefore, the selection of the trailer field work speed should be based on an engine load of about 80%.


In addition to these requirements, it is also necessary to ensure good braking and gearing operation skills in the course of supporting 2-wheel tractor trailers. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the main points of heavy-duty operations, especially when working under different conditions, and appropriate adjustments should be made so that the service life of a 2-wheel tractor trailer can be fully extended and early wear and tear can be avoided.

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