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Detailed structure and application advantages of steering wheel walking tractor

At present, China's walking tractors are hand-held, it can not be turned like a car, not flexible, no mobility, just a single transport, can not dump and dump. In order to change the drawbacks of this aspect, a steering wheel walking tractor with simple structure, low cost, safety and reliability, convenient use, flexible operation and dumping and self-unloading is introduced.


The new steering wheel walking tractor consists of two main parts, the steering wheel tractor chassis at the front and the trailer at the rear, which are connected to each other by a hook frame.


The steering wheel of the steering wheel walking tractor is connected by a universal joint and a steering machine. The steering rocker arm at the lower part of the steering wheel is connected with the steering rod, and the other end of the steering rod is fixed to the steering bracket. The steering shaft is fixedly connected to the frame type chassis by the lower bearing housing, the bearing seat and the ball bearing, and the connecting rod is fixed to the two ends of the steering beam by the pin shaft; the steering clutch pedal is connected with the tractor disconnector by the clutch cable. The leaf spring front seat and the leaf spring rear seat are bolted to the lower part of the trailer chassis.


The steering wheel tractor trailer is not only simple in structure, low in cost, safe and reliable, easy to use, flexible in operation and use, and can be multi-purpose and flexible, and can be used as a dump truck type dump truck.

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