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Crawler rotary cultivator cutting speed and tillage results

Crawler rotary cultivator has changed the traditional farming method to some extent. It combines the low ground pressure crawler walking system with the high cultivation quality and good versatility rotary cultivator. The combination of the three makes the excellent walking function and the good cultivation result of the machine. It adopts the independent distribution output system, and also adopts the standard three-point suspension, which can be used with various farm tools, thus improving the adaptability of the machine.

The crawler rotary cultivator has been designed with enhanced structure. The machine has 30 degrees front rake and 45 degrees castor angle, thus makes its climbing and backward performance enhanced. The optimized design of chassis has strengthened the chassis and lifted the crawler chassis. Compare to the harvester crawler chassis, it has been raised 200mm, which increasing the resistance to trap, thus the machine can walk freely in the paddy field.


The crawler rotary cultivator adopts the special paddy field blades. This tool has the characteristics of low power consumption and good cutting effect. The main reason is the use of anti-winding device, which reduces the power consumption and improves the tillage efficiency. This device can achieve the effect of two tillage of traditional machinery, not only improve the efficiency, but also improve the flatness of the field, reduce the tillage load and save the cost.

The crawler rotary cultivator has a variety of cutting speed ratio. When used on dry land, can use high cutting speed ratio so the broken soil ration can reach 80%, much higher than the national standard of 60%. While in the paddy field, can use low cutting speed ratio, not only improve the farming speed, but also make the field suitable for planting.

The crawler rotary cultivator should be operated at the speed that meet the requirements of the ground soil, namely to ensure the quality of cultivation, and make the most use of the tractor. Achieving the purpose of high efficient, high quality and low consumption. In general, the forward speed of rotary tillage is 8 km/h.

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