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Connection and use of Walking Tractor Trailer

Before using the walking tractor trailer, should find the trailer hook position at the rear of the traction vehicle and the font of the trailer. A lot of walking tractor, their hooks are at the bottom of the bumper, actual position is marked in the manual.


Of course, we can also find the hook position by looking at front and rear bumper, there is a hidden space cover by round or square lid, then connect the walking tractor and trailer.


Since some walking tractors, their trailer hooks is the separate type, so they need to be assembled before use. Remove the cover from the bumper and assemble the onboard hook. Both soft and hard trailer tools should be securely attached when installed, and if there is safety look design, the lock should be locked properly.


The connection should be checked again before driving. The rope connection for soft trailer tool should be bind as slipknot. If not, after a huge pulling, the rope will be very difficult to loose.

In order to get sufficient traction power, it is necessary to control the speed, and increase the power when there is a slight resistance. At the same time, we should avoid lifting the clutch pedal suddenly, and use the semi-linkage to start slowly, so as to avoid damage.

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