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Composition requirements and application fields of multi-functional walking tractor

Multi-functional walking tractors are a kind of transportation tools and agricultural machinery popular in Chinese towns and towns. They are mainly powered by diesel engines during operation. Their small size, flexibility and strong power make them very popular among farmers. Light weight, compact size, flexible operation, strong adaptability, etc., coupled with different agricultural machinery, can be used for various field operations such as ploughing, rotary tilling, leveling, and soil breaking, with trailers, and short-distance transportation. . Widely used in mountainous areas, hills, plains and greenhouses, orchards. Ditching and pastoral management improve the efficiency of work.


The multi-purpose walking tractor is mainly used for multi-purpose walking machinery mainly composed of engine, chassis and electric system for traction and transportation. The walking tractor can drive according to the power of the internal combustion engine through the transmission system, and the driving wheel that obtains the driving torque passes through the tire tread and the surface of the tire to give the ground a small horizontal backward force (tangential force). This reaction force is to push the tractor forward. The driving force of driving (also called feeding propulsion).


The multi-functional walking tractor has simple structure and low power, and is suitable for small piece of cultivated land when used. To a certain extent, the driver directly controls the operating mechanism of the armrest frame, and drives or drives the supporting agricultural implement. Small walking tractors generally range from 8-25 horsepower. A standard rotary tiller for walking tractors. You can choose a special hand-held trencher, sowing fertilizer machine, weeding wheel, trailer, etc. to meet your needs, a multi-purpose machine is a very reliable multi-purpose walking tractor.

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