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Clutch separation position and inspection requirements for agriculture hand tractor

Agriculture hand tractor will first need to pay attention to check the appearance quality when purchasing. The effective quality of the cover is the quality of the paint and the manufacturing quality of each part. The paint should be bright and even, without leakage or peeling,shedding and rusting, the external parts are intact. The surface of each casting is smooth and there must be no cracks. The welds of the welded parts should be flat and firm. For important parts such as engine and engine body, engine cylinder head, high pressure oil pump and oil joint, drive wheel, frame and gearbox, etc. Whether the connecting bolts are complete and reliable, and there is no serious leakage oil.

Agriculture hand tractor need to see whether their instruments and lamps are fully equipped, so that you can use the engine decompression rod to slowly shake the engine during use, and check the oil pressure gauge or other engine oil to some extent. The pressure indication decoration has a display with no pressure rise, and it is checked whether the operation mechanism has a jam or not, and whether the operation is effective and reliable.

Agriculture hand tractor need to pull the clutch handle to its separated position. When the separation should be completely in the combined position, there should be no slipping. In the braking position, the tire can be pushed by the manpower in place. Turn to check if the brake is valid and reliable. The shift lever should have a distinct hand when it is engaged. There should be no jamming, difficulty in hanging. In the stopped state, the main shifting lever can only hang one or no more than two gears from the neutral position. It cannot be automatically disengaged or staggered while walking.

When the steering clutch of the agriculture hand tractor is inspected, the upper clutch is engaged, the main clutch needs to be placed in the combined position, the handle is pinched, the driving wheel can be smoothly rolled, and the steering off-handler handle is loosened, and the pushing is difficult. You can also check separately on the left and right, and pinch the handle on one side to turn in the opposite direction. 

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