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Classification and structure of agricultural walking tractor

The agricultural walking tractor can be divided into below 2.2kw, 2.2 ~ 4.5kw, and 5 ~ 13kw three type according to their power. According to the performance, it can be divided into drive type, traction type and dual-purpose type. The drive type mainly woke with rotary, is called power tiller. Traction type mainly supports traction equipment; the dual-purpose type can be used as rotary cultivator and also be used as a carrier with a trailer.

The agricultural walking tractor can be divided into wheeled, crawler and rotary. According to the number of walking wheel, the wheeled walking tractor can be divided into two types: single wheel and double wheel. In order to improve the working conditions of the driver, the Chinese-produced walking tractor will add 1 to 2 supporting wheels and install the seat, becoming a riding tractor.


For cultivated type is called as no-wheel tractors, its feature is no driving wheel, but on the drive shaft installed rotary parts, this can cultivate on soil, and move forward. The mechanical structure is usually composed of frame, power device, transmission system, walking device, steering system, brake and control mechanism.


In many cases, a horizontal single cylinder diesel engine is used in the agricultural walking tractor, and the power of the engine is transmitted from the triangle belt to the transmission system, which is controlled by the clutch. The power passes through the chain transmission box to the gearbox, and the central drive, final drive, steering mechanism and brake are all installed directly in the gearbox.


The gear drive system is adopted by the gearbox; gear speed is variable according to the model. Normally, there is 6 + 2(namely six forward, two reverse), at least for 3 + 1, the most up to 12 + 6. This kind of walking tractor, the power been transmitted, passed central drive, finally transmitted to both sides’ wheels via final transmission. The steering mechanism uses a jaw clutch or a copper ball clutch.

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