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Chassis and engine of steering wheel transport tractor

The engine of the steering wheel transport tractor is the main device for generating power. When it is used, its main function is to convert the thermal energy of the fuel into mechanical energy and output the power. Most of the agricultural tractors produced in China use diesel engines.

Chassis of transport tractor

In general, the chassis is the device that transmits power from the tractor. To a certain extent, its main function is to effectively transmit the power of its engine to the driving wheel and the working device to make the tractor travel and complete the moving operation or fixing function. This function is realized by the cooperation and coordination of the transmission system, the traveling system, the steering system, the braking system and the working device, and they constitute the skeleton and the body of the tractor.

Electrical equipment for steering wheel transport tractor

It is a device that guarantees the electricity used by the tractor. Its role is to solve the lighting, safety signals and engine start.

Steering wheel transport tractors are extremely durable when used and the power of the equipment makes it suitable for engineering tasks. Vehicles often require installation of engineering tools such as bulldozers, dozer blades, transfer equipment, buckets, arable equipment, harvesting. Machine and so on. Bulldozers and buckets are often placed in front of the tractor. After the tractor is installed with engineering tools, it is usually called an engineering vehicle.

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