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Characteristics and structural advantages of two wheel tractor trailer

The two wheel tractor trailer can be used with tractors to meet plain, mountain and urban and rural road transport operations. The device has a simple overall structure, is convenient to manufacture, has low cost, is not easy to be damaged, and has a long service life. Moreover, it has a large driving force, and it does not retreat when going up and down, and does not push down, especially in winter snow and ice roads, and the effect is best.

This two wheel tractor trailer can maintain normal driving even if it is not on the dirt road, and the safety factor is increased by 50% when driving. Because of the use of the rear drive, the car is not easy to slip or skid, avoiding the opposite A traffic accident caused by slipping or skidding. The structural composition mainly includes a car body, an axle structure with wheels, a damper, and a traction frame system.

Moreover, from a practical point of view, it consists of a reversible car body connected by a movable support shaft on the frame support beam close to the driver, and a tension spring, a tie rod and a balance bar. The tension balance mechanism realizes the turning of the trailer car, thereby greatly improving the use efficiency of the two wheel tractor trailer and reducing the labor intensity.

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