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Characteristics and composition of agricultural equipment farm ditcher

The agricultural equipment farm ditcher has the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency, reliability and flexibility, so it is especially suitable for small-scale agricultural sites. In view of the actual application situation, the low-speed work of the agricultural equipment farm trencher is both fuel-efficient and powerful, and has won the favor of users.

So, what are the main components of the agricultural equipment farm trencher? First of all, its cab is designed according to ergonomic principles, adhering to the concept of safety and comfort, wide vision, spacious and bright, humanized front gear mechanism, equipped with high-grade adjustable suspension seat, silicone oil shock absorption, comfortable driving Take the environment.

The power system of the agricultural equipment farm ditcher is specially equipped with an energy-efficient power device to effectively reduce power loss. The hydraulic system has fast action, sufficient strength, good coordination of compound movements, high reliability and long service life. Moreover, the electrical system has a variety of early warning functions of self-checking, monitoring, and emergency fault alarms. The human-machine interaction is good, and the high-configuration electrical control software has higher reliability.

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