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Characteristics and basic classification of Dongfeng type walking tractor

The Dongfeng type walking tractor is a small tractor with a relatively simple structure. It is usually composed of a frame, a brake, a power unit, an operating mechanism, a power train, a steering system, and a traveling device. Dongfeng type walking tractors have low power. Usually, horizontal single-cylinder diesel engines are used to transmit the power of the engine to the drive train via a V-belt, and then the power speed is controlled by the clutch.


The Dongfeng-type walking tractor can be used for good mechanical farming in hilly areas and small dry fields, and can also be used for many operations in vegetable gardens. In addition, it can be used with different agricultural and sideline products processing machinery, and can be used for short-distance transportation. It can be used for a long time every year and has a very high comprehensive utilization performance.


Depending on the performance of the work, Dongfeng-type walking tractors can be divided into three types, namely traction type, drive type and drive traction type. Among them, the driving type walking tractor is mainly used with a rotary tiller, a fertilizer applicator, a cultivator, a bulldozer, etc., but can only be used for rotary tillage work, and cannot be used for traction work; the traction type walking tractor can only perform traction work; The driving and traction type walking tractor has the unique working performance of the above two models; since the driving and traction type walking tractor can be used in a wide range, it is mainly produced this type now.

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