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Brief introduction of rotary cultivator

The rotary tiller is also called the rotary tillage machine, which uses the rotating cutter teeth as the working parts. According to the configuration of the rotary blade axis is divided into horizontal and vertical two kinds of rotary cultivator. The level of the transverse axis of the cutter shaft more application of rotary cultivator. 

The classification of strong soil crushing capacity, a job which can make the soil crushing, Toi Wa uniform, ground leveling, sowing or transplanting paddy field to the tiller, conducive to farming, improve work efficiency, and can make full use of the power of tractor. But the stubble and weeds coverage ability is poor, shallow depth (12 ~ 16 cm of dry farming; water 14 ~ 18 cm), large energy consumption. It is mainly used in paddy field and vegetable field, and also used in orchard. The heavy horizontal rotary tillage depth is 20 ~ 25 cm, used for reclamation, shrub swamps and wasteland.

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