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Basic process when purchasing Dongfeng type walking tractor

When purchasing the Dongfeng-type walking tractor, first pay attention to check the appearance quality, including the painting quality of the cover and the manufacturing quality of each machine. The paint should be bright and even, without leakage, peeling, falling off and rusting; the external parts are intact.


At the same time, its castings have a smooth surface and no cracks. The welds of the welded parts should be flat and firm. For important parts such as engine and body, drive wheel, frame and gearbox, check whether the connecting bolts are complete and reliable. And can’t have severe oil leakage.


The second is to see whether the instruments and lamps of the Dongfeng-type walking tractor are complete and effective; check whether the operating mechanisms are effective and reliable; at the same time, start the engine for operation check. Before starting the engine, check the engine oil, the oil level of the gear oil, and whether there is fuel and cooling water. After everything is ok, you can start it. After the engine runs smoothly, observe the color of the smoke exhausted from the exhaust pipe.


During the operation, it is necessary to pay attention to whether there are abnormal sounds in the running parts of the Dongfeng-type walking tractor; whether the steering is flexible and the braking is reliable. Run for about ten minutes and check the floor for leaks and oil leaks. Also, don't overlook the safety protection of Dongfeng-type walking tractors.


After selecting the corresponding type of Dongfeng-type walking tractor, check the relevant technical documents and random items against the packing list to verify whether the certificate is consistent with the machine number; also ask the sales unit or the manufacturer to issue a sales invoice.

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