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Attention to the plough and rotary of farm-oriented walking tractor

In agricultural production, we often use farm hand tractors. In fact, the product itself has many functions, but it is often used for plough and rotary tillage. In the process of plough and rotary tillage, some problems need to be noticed by users, because this will directly affect the use effect of the agricultural walking tractor.

Usually, when ploughing, the main purpose is to combine the tractor with the double-spade plow to work together. In this way, the side drive wheel is on the uncultivated land. The other drive wheel is in the furrow. Therefore, the coefficient of adhesion between the two wheels and the ground is inconsistent, and the slip rate is different. In this case, it is easier to cause the unit to move in one direction.


When such problem occurs, they quality of work will be affected. So we should take following measure: adjust the gap between two adjusting screw and the middle connection frame on the traction of the walking tractor which is the swinging clearance, making it restore normal operation state. When ploughing, for example, if the walking tractor is still to take the right, so should loosen the two fastening screws, screw short the out part of the left adjusting screw, screw long the out part of the right screw, until the walking tractor can go along the trench normally when let go the handrails.


In addition, the problem of deviation may also occur when doing the rotary tillage work with the walking tractor. The main reason include: 1, the tail wheel is deformed, the tail wheel is not assembled in the fork, so that the tail wheel is skewed; 2, bearing damage or serous wear on the axle shaft; 3, the plow knife is wrong or broken and dropped.

In short, if the walking tractor has the deviation problem when doing rotary tillage work. You will need to consider the specific situation of related parts to correct, repair, and reshipment or replaced. Remember, before the walking tractor is back to normal, try not to use steering clutch to rectify deviation, but use the method of push-pull frame to rectify deviation.

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