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Arrangement and installation method of rotary tiller blades for walking tractor

Before the rotary tractor is used to start the rotary tilling operation, an important task need to be carried out, that is, the arrangement of the rotary cutters. In order to avoid leakage tillage and blockage, the cutter shaft is evenly stressed, and the arrangement of the blades on the cutter shaft should meet some basic requirements.


If the hand-held tractor is equipped with two or more blades for the rotary tiller, the amount of cut soil should be equal to achieve good quality of the broken soil, and the bottom of the trench after the tillage is flat. In the process of one revolution of the cutter shaft, at the same phase angle, it must be a knife into the soil to ensure the stability of the work and the uniform load on the shaft.


For the blades of the walking tractors that are successively placed on the rotary tiller, the greater the axial distance on the cutter shaft, the better, so as to avoid blockage; and the left and right curved blades should be staggered as much as possible so that the bearings at both ends of the cutter shaft are balanced. Generally, the blades are arranged in a spiral rule.


There are three common installation methods for rotary tillers for hand-held tractors. One is the internal method. All the blades are oriented toward the center of the cutter shaft. After ploughing, the middle part of the ground is raised. The other is the exterior method, except for the outermost The two blades of the end are loaded inside, and the other blades are all loaded outwards. After ploughing, the middle of the ground is recessed.


There is also a hybrid method in which the blades of the hand-held tractor supporting the rotary tiller are staggered inside and outside, and after ploughing, the surface is flat. Either way, when installing the rotary cultivating blade, pay attention to the cutting edge toward the earth.

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