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Advantages of Dongfeng Tractors Compared to ordinary Tractors

In our impression, a walking tractor is a kind of agricultural cultivation equipment that looks cumbersome, backward, and has no technical content. It gives people the feeling that it should have already been eliminated. However, it is not the case. Walking tractors are widely used in many areas of China and have a large amount of holding. Dongfeng walking tractors are one of the representative products.


The Dongfeng walking tractor is a small tractor popular in the hilly areas of South China. It is a transportation tool and agricultural machinery. It is powered by a single-cylinder diesel engine with a simple structure and low power. Its small, flexible and powerful features make it suitable for small plots of farmland in the south.


Dongfeng-type walking tractors need to be supported by the driver's handrail control mechanism to pull or drive the supporting agricultural machinery to operate. At the same time, it also has the advantages of small turning radius, light weight, compact model, flexible operation and strong adaptability. Coupled with different agricultural machinery, plowing, rotary tilling, leveling, smashing and other field operations can be carried out.


If the Dongfeng-type walking tractor is used with a trailer, short-distance transportation can also be carried out. In field operations, the vehicle speed is slow, and it is generally not prone to accidents. When engaged in road transport, special attention should be paid to the safety issues of steering and connection.


Dongfeng type walking tractors and wheeled tractors have great differences in terms of use environment and function. The former is particularly suitable for the cultivation environment of small paddy fields in the south. Wheeled tractors, due to their large size, heavy weight, large agricultural implements, and large turning radius, are more demanding for land and roads, and are more suitable for operations on larger plains.


It is precisely because of this that Dongfeng-type walking tractors have the advantage that wheeled tractors cannot be replaced due to their compactness and convenience, flexible operation, strong adaptability and low price in the southern hilly region and the current small-scale purchasing power and usage conditions. This is also the basic reason why people choose Dongfeng type walking tractor.

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