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Adjustment operation of the double plough hand tractor and preparation before starting

When the double plough hand tractor is working, since the one driving wheel is on the uncultivated land and the other driving wheel is in the furrow, the adhesion coefficient between the two wheels and the ground is different, and the slip ratio is different, so that the unit often turns to one The direction is biased.

During the plowing process, if the tractor is still deflected to the right, loosen the two fastening screws, shorten the extension of the left adjustment screw, and extend the extension of the right screw.

Until the armrest unit is released, it can travel normally along the ditch wall.

Although the operation of the double plough hand tractor is relatively simple, the user can only fully utilize the performance of the machine and successfully complete the production task only if the tractor is operated correctly.

Careful inspection of the locomotive before use can eliminate hidden dangers and effectively prevent accidents.

Generally, the diesel engine and the chassis should be inspected for oil leakage, air leakage and water leakage. Check if the cooling water of the diesel engine is sufficient. Check the oil level and quality of the oil pan lubricant.

Next, you should also check the oil level of the gear oil of the double plough hand tractor transmission, and check and adjust the tension of the V-belt. If the belt is too loose, it should be adjusted. Check tire pressure. If the air pressure is too low, it should be made up.

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