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Adjustment of cultivation parameters of Gongnong type Walking Tractor

The Gongnong type Walking Tractor need to be adjusted before use. Firstly, the linear adjustment of the unit is mainly adjusted for the extension length of the two adjusting bolts on the tractor frame of the Gongnong type Walking Tractor, so that the plough beam and the machine are longitudinal making the skew angle between the axes changes.


During the operation of the implement, the chain is generally interlocked, and a gap of about 1.5 mm is reserved between the two adjusting bolts and the intermediate connecting frame, thereby ensuring that the worker-assisted walking tractor can swing freely within a certain range during driving, so as to avoid Straight driving has a significant impact.


Then, the adjustment of the ploughing depth and the ploughing width of the Gongnong type Walking Tractor' hand-held tractors is mainly to adjust the ploughing depth adjusting screw to change the angle of the ploughing person and adjust the ploughing depth. The total tillage adjustment is mainly through the adjustment of the left and right holes on the connecting frame between the traction frame and the plow to ensure that the plough width of the front and rear plows is consistent.


Finally, it is necessary to adjust the consistency of the front and rear ploughing depth of the Gongnong type Walking Tractor, mainly to adjust the front plough to ensure that the ploughs remain the same before and after the plough. First loosen the fastening screw, and the front plow body depth adjustment screw rotates clockwise, which can raise the front plow body to make the plough depth shallower. Conversely, the front plow body will be lowered to deepen the plough depth.

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