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Adjustment of brake and steering mechanism of Agricultural Two-wheel Tractors

The correct operation of agricultural two-wheeled tractors is a prerequisite for achieving the desired results. When using agricultural two-wheel tractor brakes, the clutch must be disengaged before braking. If the handle is not braked in the disengaged position, it means that the brake is too early. As a result, the brake ring and other components will be heavily worn.


If the joystick is pulled to the disengaged position and then pulled back, the brake has not yet started to work, indicating that the brake is too late. In order to stop the tractor quickly, the brakes are not correct early or late and must be adjusted. Also need to adjust the steering mechanism of agricultural two-wheel tractor.


When adjusting the agricultural two-wheel tractor, it is necessary to place the clutch brake handle in the “separated” position, and at the same time adjust the length of the brake lever so that the brake puller is in a position to slightly compress the spring, and then tighten the nut. Then pull the handle to the "brake" position and pull or push the tractor. If the drive wheel does not rotate or slide, the brake is reliable and the adjustment is correct.


In addition to real-time adjustments, the brakes must be checked frequently for use in agricultural two-wheel tractors to ensure safety. Especially when the agricultural two-wheeled tractor is equipped with a trailer for transportation, the brake on the trailer should be used to prevent accidents caused by poor tractor braking.


On the other hand, in order to ensure the accurate and reliable steering of agricultural two-wheel tractors, it is necessary to ensure that the teeth of the steering gears and the central reduction gears can be well separated and combined from the table teeth, and the length of the steering rods should also be adjusted. When checking, the steering handle can be pinched and the steering gear can be smoothly disengaged. When the claw clutch is disengaged, there should be a distance of 20-30 mm between the handle and the steering handle cover on the handle frame, otherwise it should be adjusted.


When adjusting the agricultural two-wheel tractor, first loosen the nut between the steering rod and the coupling fork, then remove the pin on the fork, and rotate the coupling fork to adjust the length of the steering rod. After adjusting, tighten the nut on the steering wheel of the agricultural two-wheel tractor.

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